• What is Cloud storage?

    With cloud storage you do not have to worry about how or where your data are stored because it is an online solution.

  • How do I sign up?

    Go to the registration page and complete the form

  • How do I change my password?

    You can change it on this page, which is also accessible on the left side of Sora’s explorer.

  • Can I change my e-mail address?

    Contact our support team ([email protected]) and we will proceed as soon as possible.


  • Are my data safe?

    We use a RAID setup to prevent any loss of data in the event of a hard disk failure. We make use of top-of-the-range hard drives to guarantee the lowest possible rate of failure. Regardless, we strongly recommend that you backup any crucial files using different methods; be it an external hard drive or another storage provider.

  • Who owns my data?

    You are the only owner. Apart from the replication system used to ensure permanent accessibility to your content, we will never use your data.

  • What means of payment do you accept?

    We accept credit cards and bitcoins.
    Note: You do not have to disclose your credit card information to start with Sora.

  • Why do not you accept PayPal?

    PayPal is one of the worst payment services for merchants. Sora being a file hosting service, they require to have access to the files hosted on our servers, and we simply cannot agree to this condition. Unless PayPal change their policy, we will never accept PayPal transactions.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    Go to “My account” (which is also accessible on the left side of Sora’s explorer) and cancel your subscription. By default, we do not automatically renew your subscription. If payments are stopped, your account will expire.

  • When my account expires, what happens to my data?

    {% trans "You have a week to renew your subscription, otherwise, your data will be definitively lost. You will receive several warning e-mails before it happens." %}
    You will receive several emails before your account expiration to warn you about this statement.

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade at any time?

    Yes, you can. Simply subscribe to the offer that best suits your needs.


  • How do I upload a file?

    Drag and drop your file on the explorer interface or click on the 'Upload' button.

  • How do I share a file or a folder?

    Right-click on the file/folder you would like to share and click on “Share.” Alternatively, you can select the file/folder and click on the “Share” button on the left of the header.

  • Can I protect what I share?

    When you share a file or a folder, you can specify an expiration date and a password.
    This information can be edited afterwards.

  • How do I delete a file/folder?

    Right-click on the file/folder you would like to delete and click on “Delete.” Alternatively, you can select the file/folder and click on the “Delete” button on the left of the header. These actions can be done when selecting several files.


  • How do I setup the FTP access?

    Configure your FTP client (e.g., FileZilla) and use the following credentials:
    Port: 21
    Username: myusername<at> (<at> replaces “@”)
    Password: your password

  • Do you support SSL?

    Yes, we do! There are two ways to use the TLS/SSL protocol with Sora’s FTP.

    On port 21, explicit SSL:
    Your FTP client decides which parts of the connection are secured (i.e., only the data channel? only the authentication? both?).

  • Is the FTP server in sync with the explorer?

    Yes, everything is in sync.

  • Is FXP (FTP to FTP) allowed?

    Yes, it is. Upload to or download from remote FTP servers at blazing speeds!


  • How fast is the bandwidth?

    As fast as possible! Please notice that even if your seedbox is on a shared environment, performance is our number one priority and we will do our best to ensure the best experience. Don't hesitate to contact us if you think there is something wrong with your seedbox. We will investigate the issue!

  • What are the limits?

    There are no ratio limits! You can upload as much as you would like to. The only limit is the number of upload slots, which is set to 30.

  • Which bittorrent client do you use?

    After months of testing, we finally selected rtorrent. This client offers high stability and high performance all the while ensuring low resources usage. A simplified interface is available on Sora but for advanced users, there are direct access to rutorrent and rtorrent RPC endpoint. Note that qBittorrent will be available in addition to rtorrent soon.


  • What is the purpose of an unlocker?

    Practically all file hosting services come with intrusive ads, wait times and a low speed for free users. In order to avoid such limitations, you must subscribe to premium offers. Unfortunately, if the file you want to download is not available anymore, you have to find a new link and potentially subscribe to another provider’s premium. The final cost may not be worth such efforts! Sora is the answer. With a single payment, you can unlock the major file hosting services.

  • Which file hosting do you unlock?

    We unlock the following file hosting services: Uptobox Rapidgator Uploaded turbobit 1fichier

    Contact us if you need more!

  • Do download accelerators such as JDownloader work?

    Yes, you can use all kinds of accelerators!: